Company history

The CODI appears as a dynamic and flexible company, active in the field of programming, sales, service and design. Operates in most of Northern, Central and Southern Italy, is the ideal partner to create innovative ideas and projects.

  • 1979 - CODI begins to operate in Massa Cozzile (PT), selling computer multi-terminal Honeywell Superteam (UNIX OS), Onyx Systems (CP/M OS) and custom software development on Apple, Commodore and microcomputer systems and configurations sold.
  • 1980 - First order of Apple computers placed to Computer Company IRET in Reggio Emilia (then absorbed and become Apple Italy in 1983) We thus become the customer nr. 6 of Apple Italy (used to connect the precursor of the Internet ... was the proprietary AppleLink network and we had precisely the address "ITA006")
  • 1984 - Relocation of head office in Montecatini Terme
  • 1986 - CAD-CAM sector activity started
  • 1988 - Opening additional offices in Pistoia Viale Adua 354, with new lab and certification AASP (Apple Authorized Service Provider) and AAR (Apple Authorized Reseller)
  • 1990 - Establishment of CODI Calcolatori srl and acquisition of assets from CODI snc
  • 1993 - CAD-CAM Workstation Graphics department Installation "Ultra SPARCstation 1" from SUN Microsystems.
  • 1995 - Installation in the CAD-CAM Workstation Graphics department "SPARCstation 5" and "SUN Microsystems SPARCstation 20".
  • 2001 - Opening of the CAD-CAM area Automation Development Department.
  • 2007 - Opening headquarters with CAD CAM activities in Florence.
  • 2007 - Start up of CODI srl and acquisition activities related to Apple by CODI Computers srl
  • 2008 - Opening Computer Shop in the Centre of Pistoia in Via della Madonna: CODI Apple Premium Reseller.
  • 2011 - Opening headquarters with CAD CAM and prototyping activities in BARI
  • 2012 - Opening of 3D prototyping Department for internal use.
  • 2014 - Start up of Montecatini Terme prototyping Department courses and 3D Assembly open to the public.