Mastering the form
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Il partner ideale per dare vita a idee e progetti innovativi.

Our Team consists of more than 40 professional technicians, including analysts, technicians and consultants. The main objective of the Service Company CODI is to support with experienced professionals all production companies.
In business for over twenty years in the field of Information technology and Manufacturing, main activities of our company are::

  • Consultancy for Manufacturing companies
  • Used software languages: Unigraphics, Oracle, SQL, C++, JAVA, 4D, FMPRO
  • Reporting for project costing control sites
  • Audit and review methods and routes
  • Testing Service at Italian and foreign suppliers
  • 3D prototyping
  • Monitoring activities of Gas and steam turbines
  • 3D scanning
  • Development and production Cad/Cam for Cnc
  • Reverse Engineering..
  • Three-dimensional measuring machines-Part Program for Realization (CMM)
  • PLC Automation, electronic boards with microcontrollers and embedded systems

Always focused on service quality, our company is based on a well-balanced and experienced staff. Mainly oriented to plan, manage, and monitor all work phases using up-to-dated technologies available to out teams.

Fundamental with all commitments made to our company's policy has always been:

  • strict compliance with all commitments made to our customers.
  • take care in determining customer satisfaction and its requirements
  • strict adherence to projects deadlines
  • constant motivation, training and development of our staff
  • great care and precision in all dealings with our suppliers
  • all projects managed with adequate resources
  • be on the edge with the continuous search for innovation and investment in all innovative sectors
  • the continuous search to improve efficiency, organization, competitiveness and corporate image